mandag den 22. september 2014

Design week 2.

The design team did more exploration of the line art and locations and a few character sketches were begun.

Art by Rune Hansen

Art by Morten Lund

Art by Michelle Tolo

Art by Ben Ozeri

fredag den 12. september 2014

Design and story week 1.

Morten, Michelle and Rune look at references and explored different art styles, which can be seen below.

Art by Michelle Tolo

Art by Rune Hansen

Max, Corentin, Ben, Sofie and Rachel work on story, character design and drew beats.

Story beats:

Character design:

Group photo! Yeah!

onsdag den 3. september 2014

Grandma's hero blog is now live!

First week over, second week under way. We are off to a great start, have a look at our live action documentary spoof of our own project - Enjoy :)